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How to Read Your Eyeglasses Prescription

We have compiled a short guide to help you read and understand your eye prescription meaning.

A generic doctor’s Rx note for eye prescription will look like this

Although you might see minor variations in the prescription form at different places, most of them will be similar.
The critical point in understanding what is written on your prescription is knowing what does O.D. and O.S. stands for.

Right (OD)-1.50-1.2570Prism+2.45
Left (OD)-1.25-1.70DSPrism+2.45

O.S vs. O.D Mean?

Knowing the meaning of O.S and O.D is the first step in understanding your eyeglass prescription.

Their abbreviations are “Oculus Dexter” and “Oculus Sinister,” respectively; these are the Latin terms for the left eye and right eye.

Sometimes you see the term “OU” written on your eyeglasses prescription; it is abbreviated as “Oculus Uterque,” a Latin term used to represent both eyes.

The use of these Latin terms is widespread on eyeglass prescriptions, the majority of the doctors and eye-clinics use these terms as a standard on their prescriptions, but a few of them decided to take a bit of a modern approach.

They use LE (Left eye) and RE (Right eye) instead of OS and OD for their prescriptions.

How to fill out a glasses e-prescription on our site

We have brought two options to upload the glasses prescription to our site to make the job easier

Upload a prescription file

You can upload the glasses prescription as a source file, and we will complete the work for you.

Electronic glasses prescription

You can upload the entries in the prescription you received to the electronic prescription on the website.

glasses e-prescription

Other Terms That Help You To Read The Prescription

Cylinder (CYL)

It is also measured in dioptres; It is used to correct astigmatism. If you do not have any astigmatism or have minor astigmatism, this column is left empty. The “-” sign is used to correct nearsighted astigmatism, and the “+” sign is used to correct farsighted astigmatism.

Axis (Ax)

This column is only used for astigmatism prescriptions; the numbers written under this column represent the degrees’ angles, not dioptres.

If your prescription includes cylindrical measurements, they must have an axis.
A number between 1 to 180 represents the axis. If the number is 90, then it represents the vertical meridian of your eye, and if it is 180, then it represents the horizontal meridian of your eye


It is recommended for a small number to do multifocal lenses; It indicates the added magnifying power applied to the bottom of multifocal lenses. It is always a plus power, even if the plus sign is written with it or not. Usually, it ranges from +0.75 to +3.00 dioptres, and it is the same for both eyes.


Prism is used to correct vision displacement of double vision; the value is measured in diopters and used to correct image alignment issues. There are very few eyeglass prescriptions that include prism.


P.D. stands for Pupillary Distance. It represents the distance between your pupils. It would help if you kept in mind the difference between an eyeglass prescription and a contact lens prescription; they are completely different from each other. An eyeglass prescription can only be used to purchase eyeglasses, but they lack information crucial in a contact lens prescription

Can I Keep My Eyeglass Prescription?

According to the FTC’s Prescription Release Law, eye-examiners or doctors must provide you with a copy of your eyeglass prescription at the end of your eye exam. This rule was developed to purchase prescription eyeglasses from their chosen vendor. So, eye doctors will give you a prescription copy whether you ask for it or not. Also, they cannot charge extra to provide you with your eyeglass prescription, and he cannot apply any conditions on it. According to this law, make sure to take a copy of your eyeglass prescription as it is your legal right.

These are the things that you need to understand about your eyeglasses prescription. Most doctors use a similar format to write prescriptions so anyone can read them easily. Suppose you are still having difficulty reading your prescription. In that case, you can get help from our experts at Muunel.

Just click on the “Select Lenses & Purchase” button on the product page. Then You can send us a picture or a scanned copy of your eyeglass prescription, and our opticians will help you understand what you need to do for your vision correction.

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