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Eyewear A To Z



To ensure your glasses are in the best shape, we have accessories for any kind of scenario. If you have prescription glasses, sunglasses, or simple glasses, we have got everything that you need to keep your pair of glasses safe and clean.


Acetate, or more commonly known as cellulose acetate, is one of the finest kinds of plastic. It is our signature material for glasses. It is more durable and has the ability to obtain different colors, which makes it a perfect material for eyeglasses.


It is often written on eyeglass prescriptions, and it represents the added magnification power to your eyeglasses.


Amblyopia is referred to as the inability of your eyes to see clearly. This condition is usually developed in childhood when the nerve going from your brain to eye does not develop normally. As a result, your eye does not learn to see normally.

Anti-reflective coating

At, we use a special anti-reflective coating on our lenses. We use super-hydrophobic treatment, especially for those people that frequently use electronic devices. This coating also makes your lenses always look cool and clean.


The arm is also known as the temple and is the main component responsible for running alongside your head and holding your glasses in their place.


It is an eye condition that causes blurry vision. If it is left uncorrected, it can cause headaches also. It prevents you from seeing the clear sharpness of objects. This condition can be corrected by using a suitable pair of glasses.


Base Curve In Contacts

The base curve is often written on the contact lens prescriptions. It helps the lenses to fit properly, and the measurements are between 8 to 10

Blue Light Lenses

Blue light is harmful to our eyes. Sun is the main source of blue light, but it is also present in all electronic devices around us, such as computers, LEDs, mobile phones, etc. We have special blue light filtering lenses and glasses that can help you to block blue light and protect your eyes from the adverse effects of blue light.


Culoarea Blindness

People suffering from color blindness perceive colors differently from normal individuals. It is widespread in many people, and the degree of color blindness could be anywhere between mild to severe. People suffering from mild color blindness don’t even know that they have it. People that suffer from severe color blindness can only see black and white colors. It affects men more than women. According to some stats, 8% of men from the total population suffer from color blindness, where only 0.5 % of women are affected.


It is often written on eyeglass prescriptions as CYL. It represents the power of the lens that is needed to correct astigmatism.



Well, if you take a look at our website, you will find that it is all about glasses.



Nose Pads

Nose pads are the twin pads that are used to rest the frame on your face and ensure that it is a perfect fit.


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